How to find a photos?


1. Searching by keywords

2. Searching by city and tag

3. Site Map

4. Site Settings

5. User gallery


Searching by keywords

Keywords are the image subject description, its reflect what they depict. Searching by keywords is performed among those words or phrases, which are already available in the description of the photographs.

When typing any letters of the alphabet in the search line, it will be generated a drop-down list containing the keywords with entered letter combination. You can choose keyword from the resulting list using the mouse or arrow keys "up" "down" and "Enter"


Searching by city and tag

Tags - it is meaningful thematic categories which are divided all photographs. Searching photos by tags and cities gives a larger sample of images, but it is much easier than using keywords.

Searching by city and tags are related. When you select a city, the filter "tag" will only reflect the tags, which related to the this city. A similar dependence, there is a similar dependence in case of the choice of tags.


Site Map

Sitemap generates a list of photos with names and date. Click on the photographs title - go to the full description on its own page.

It allows you to choose the city, and then a choice of tag, for the convenience of getting a sample list of photographs on the map of the site


Site Settings

The site automatically detects the user's region and shows the appropriate language version. If the language of the site is defined correctly, you can change it by using the filter on the top of the page's right corner with the image of the country's flag


If you mark preferable photos and video, you will have a possibilities to create own gallery for demonstration their to your friends or posting on other websites.